Presidential EDI Initiatives


Mike Fitts and Paula BookeCommission for Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

A top priority of the Commission will be to create a Tulane culture that embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all. We will also commit to engaging with intentionality, purpose, and through partnership to build and support a fairer and more equitable New Orleans and surrounding communities.


Tulane students in classEDI Funding Initiative

In June 2020, President Fitts committed $2.5 million annually to support racial equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives at Tulane. These funds will be used to provide additional BIPOC student support through the creation new programs and initiatives and the expansion of existing efforts. The EDI Initiative Committee is charged with soliciting funding requests, reviewing submissions received by schools and shared service units, and providing a recommendation to senior administration for implementation.


Tulane Leadership InstituteTulane Leadership Institute

The Tulane Leadership Institute seeks to identify and nurture future university leaders while enhancing the skills, insight and vision of current leaders.




The story of Tulane University would not be complete without the contributions of the many important people from diverse backgrounds who have made a substantial and lasting impact on our campus.


Tulane University signBuilding Naming Task Force

In July 2020, President Fitts charged the Building Naming Task Force with developing community-wide principles to inform decisions in naming or renaming Tulane buildings and prominent spaces.


old Tulane Jamabalaya yearbooksThe Tulane History Project

Our commitment to making Tulane a more inclusive and supportive home also includes examining Tulane's history – we must take an honest and unbiased look at our past. A committee has been charged with researching and developing a detailed history of Tulane and its campuses, with respect to its racial history and founding – including the impacts from segregation and slavery.


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