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Carolyn Barber Pierre Center for Intercultural LifeCarolyn Barber Pierre Center for Intercultural Life

The Carolyn Barber Pierre Center for Intercultural Life is comprised of the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD), and Religious Life. Their mission is to strengthen and enhance diversity at Tulane University by providing students of color and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, and allied students with advocacy services, mentoring,  personal support, and cultural, social, and academic programming.  


Center for Academic EquityCenter for Academic Equity

Newcomb-Tulane College’s Center for Academic Equity provides undergraduate students from historically underrepresented groups with enrichment opportunities and need-based support. The center’s programs and events provide students a pathway to engage in meaningful conversations regarding diversity and equity. The center’s staff, campus partners, and foundational partners offer a myriad of learning experiences and support for each student population they serve to foster the academic, social, and professional skills needed to thrive on campus and ensure student success.


Center for Public ServiceCenter for Public Service

CPS supports a university curriculum and research agenda by uniting academics and action, classroom and communities through which students, faculty, and community partners dedicate themselves to the transformation of civic life. It is committed to collaborative partnerships and programs that promote empowerment, understanding, civility and justice in our communities.


Louisiana PromiseLouisiana Promise

A comprehensive plan to make higher education more accessible to Louisiana students, this initiative establishes a new college prep center for New Orleans students, access to Pre-College Programs, and a financial aid commitment to Louisiana admitted students.


NCFDDNational Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

Tulane is a member of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD). Every student may join for free. To create an account, click on the "Become a Member" button, select Tulane from the Institution list, activate your membership, complete a brief registration form using your Tulane email address, open your Tulane email, and click "Activate Account" in the confirmation email.

NCFDD Resources

Core Curriculum: The NCFDD's Core Curriculum is designed to teach you the 10 key skills necessary to thrive in the Academy. NCFDD defines "thriving" as having extraordinary writing and research productivity AND having a full and healthy life off campus.

Guest Expert Webinars and Multi-Week Courses: NCFDD offers a variety of Guest Expert Webinars designed to meet the needs of faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students. These Multi-Week Courses are intensive series offered by expert facilitators to tackle the Academy's most pressing challenges.

14-Day Writing Challenges: The 14-Day Writing Challenge is an opportunity for you to experiment with daily writing in a supportive community and a little dose of electronic love.

Monday Motivator: One of NCFDD's most popular resources, the Monday Motivator is a weekly email that provides positive energy, good vibes, and a productivity tip. Each Monday Motivator is a micro-learning opportunity to reinforce the ideas presented in their Core Curriculum webinars.

Dissertation Success Curriculum: The Dissertation Success Program is designed for doctoral candidates who are focused on finishing their dissertation. The program is built on the assumption that there is only one way to complete a dissertation: write it!